How to Schedule Your First Home Cleaning

Life is much better when you have a part time maid (Ayi) visit weekly, bi-weekly or monthly…
— The Cleaning Crew

The housekeeping service does not come with cleaning supplies, you need to prepare one set of cleaning service at your home. (Contact The Cleaning Crew for a Checking-list of cleaning tools and detergents). One of the best parts of using The Cleaning Crew’s home cleaning service is you don’t even need to be home when cleaning – you can leave the key to the reception desk (if your building has one) or make a copy of key to us. If you’d prefer, you can let the crew in at the beginning of each booking, and leave while they clean up. But it’s up to you; some of you prefer to be home during cleaning service so that you can witness your home go from messy to sparkling in just a couple of hours. It’s truly a magical feeling!

1. To schedule your first home cleaning, please have The Cleaning Crew on your wechat.

2. Text to the The Cleaning Crew

When do you want to schedule service, your apartment size and room type,full address in Chinese and phone number (All customer information is protected). You are also welcome to send messages telling that what you expect to be done for each cleaning. We cover most areas of Guangzhou and we work from Monday to Sunday 08:00-12:00;13:30-17:30 you can still enjoy your trial order by ¥200 for 4 hours regular cleaning.

3. What will you get for a regular cleaning?


  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Empty sink and wash dishes
  • Wipe down exterior of stove, counter, range hood, cabinets, oven and fridge etc.
  • Mop all the floors


  • Wash the toilet, shower, tub, and sink
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass doors

Bedrooms, Living Room & Common Areas

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Mop all floors

We can do laundry and ironing, making beds as well upon your request.

If you like our service, you can set up a regular monthly plan so we will keep sending the same crew to work for you upon your schedule.

We also do move in and out cleaning, deep cleaning. Price is based on apartment size.

Deep Cleaning is to clean the hard to reach places that we do not do in regular cleaning routine which includes below,

  • Clean AC’s filters
  • Wash water dispenser
  • Clean the exhaust fan
  • Clean the bathroom water tank
  • Inside cabinets ,fridge and oven
  • Clean the corners under the bed(s) and sofa

4. Can I skip or reschedule bookings?

You can reschedule any booking without penalty, as long as you do so at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled start time

5. Why do you use The Cleaning Crew service?

  • Protect client’s security of privacy and property.
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Affordable price
  • Tracking service quality

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