The Reason of LED Lights Is More Common Than Energy-saving Lights

The Reason of LED Lights Is More Common Than Energy-saving Lights

In our lifestyle , various sorts of lamps illuminate our work and life, bring us bright in the dark . In current market, the foremost common suppliers are led light company and energy-saving lamps company, however, because the development of technology, people required a better quality of lamps. they need lamps to become more delicate and energy-saving. Compared to energy-saving lamp, why the LED light can become a development trend?

Although LED light and energy saving lamp are both for lighting, there are still great difference between one another .


1. More Energy-Saving

LED light consumes the energy only take 25% of energy-saving lamp, because the energy-saving lamp must consume some of electrical power and convert it into heat, while LED lights don’t need to . Therefore, at an equivalent brightness, LED lights are only about 1/3 of the facility of ordinary energy-saving lamps.


2. Longer Service Life

The LED lights perform a extended service life than energy saving lamps, a qualitied LED bulb can service quite 1-20 thousands hours, it’s five times of a standard bulb. But the service lifetime of an equivalent sort of energy-saving bulb is merely 6-10 thousands hours. If used in a suitable environment, it will save future maintenance & cost.


3. Greener LED Light

Mercury is that the necessary lighting material for energy-saving lamp. As time goes by, the hermetical state lowering will cause the mercury volatilization and pollution .

Inversely, LED light is free from this type of problem, because it doesn’t contain the harmful material, which is more environmental friendly and accord with the concept of living a greener life. Also, it cause lower heat output, conventional incandescent lights waste about 90% of their power on heat output.


4. Stable Performance

LED light is way better than energy-saving lamp within the performance of shake proof and lightning protection. the consequences of unstable voltage to the LED light is more but energy-saving lamp. The service lifetime of energy saving lamps are going to be shortened tons if it’s switched frequently.

In conclusion, LED light is durable and environmental friendly. LED light will occupy a better market share within the end of the day .